by Meridith Levinson

Nielsen’s Mitchell Habib Discusses Change Management and Employee Communications with CIO in Q&A

Oct 23, 20071 min
IT Leadership

“Is there a CIO more famous for shaking things up than Mitchell Habib,” writes my colleague, Senior Editor Kim Nash.

Over the years, Mitchell Habib, who is Nielsen’s executive vice president of global business services, developed a reputation in the corporate world as a go-to guy for IT transformations. Habib is the CIO recruiters call when they need someone to completely rebuild IT inside a company. The changes he initiates during these shakeups, such as outsourcing, have given him a very different reputation among IT workers—that of a hatchet man.

Kim recently had the opportunity to interview Habib, and her conversation with him reveals a thick-skinned executive with clear views on his job and managing change. His mindset allows him to make tough decisions and blaze through change. To learn about the man behind the myth, read Kim’s Q&A with Mitchell Habib.