by Al Sacco

SAP CIO Bussmann Talks Up BlackBerry PlayBook Multitasking (Video)

Feb 22, 2011
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Business software-maker SAP's CIO Bussmann appeared on a Fox Business video segment to promote the new BlackBerry PlayBook.

Thanks to BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion’s marketing/media juggernaut, the Web currently has no shortage of video showing off the company’s much anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer.

We’ve seen videos of the hardware; clips of the software, with a focus on the BlackBerry Tablet OS; PlayBook apps and games on video. (Check out RIM’s YouTube page for a ton of additional PlayBook-related media.)

But today I spotted a new Fox Business News “Countdown to the Closing Bell” segment, which features Oliver Bussmann, CIO of German business software maker SAP, showing off his company’s software on the BlackBerry PlayBook and touting the device’s overall multitasking functionality. Bussmann even goes on to say that the PlayBook tablet’s multitasking features are what truly set RIM’s tablet apart from other popular tablets like Apple’s iPad.

Though Bussmann doesn’t really show much we haven’t seen before, it’s interesting to see a company so clearly endorse one product over another. SAP apps are available for the iPad, but I don’t remember Bussmann ever showing up on Fox News to promote Apple’s tablet.

RIM has clearly stated on multiple occasions that the PlayBook is aimed at both consumer and business users. The Wi-Fi-only version of tablet is expected to become available before the end of March with a price tag of roughly $500, and cellular PlayBooks for a variety of U.S. carriers, including AT&T and Verizon Wireless should launch this summer.