by Al Sacco

RIM Launches Official “BlackBerry for Business” LinkedIn Group

Jan 18, 2011
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RIM's first official LinkedIn group for BlackBerry professionals is now live.

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) last week extended its already impressive social-networking reach with a brand new, official “BlackBerry for Business” group on LinkedIn.

The BlackBerry for Business group is the first official BlackBerry LinkedIn Group—though lots of “unofficial” BlackBerry-oriented LinkedIn groups exist. And as its name implies, it’s aimed at enterprise, or at least business-oriented, BlackBerry smartphone users. But anyone can join.

From RIM:

“This community is an information and discussion hub for business users and decision makers. It will be a venue for them to contribute best practices, advice, case studies and general knowledge as it relates to the BlackBerry platform in their industry. There will also be discussion around the latest trends in mobility, computing and IT solutions.”

With almost 1,200 members already, the BlackBerry for Business group is growing rapidly. And many of its members appear to be quite active, with new posts on subjects like the top BlackBerry apps for business, getting the most from your BlackBerry and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

RIM already does a great job promoting BlackBerry and educating users and potential customers on consumer-focused social networks like Twitter and Facebook. (RIM’s @BlackBerryHelp Twitter account is currently up for a Shorty Award for customer service.) In fact, I’m somewhat surprised it took the company, which has traditionally had a business focus, to make its presence known on LinkedIn, the most popular social network for professionals.

Learn more about and join the Business for BlackBerry LinkedIn Group here. If you’re looking for more LinkedIn groups to join, check out’s “CIO Forum” group, which has nearly 40,000 active members.