2015 CIO Hall of Fame inductees

The five CIO Hall of Fame inductees for 2015 are accomplished IT executives who have used technology and leadership savvy to blaze new trails.

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New members of the CIO Hall of Fame

Our tough judges picked five exemplary CIOs who excel at producing business results

Rebecca Jacoby
SVP of Operations,
Cisco Systems Inc.

Career: Until her recent promotion, Jacoby had spent nine years as CIO at Cisco, where she typically implemented the new technologies that Cisco sells to other CIOs. She and her IT team established a model called Fast IT that's designed to ensure that Cisco and its business partners have the agile systems they need to deal with a fast-changing market. Jacoby has also been on the front lines of integrating Cisco's numerous business acquisitions.

Judge's view: "She has been successful over a long period of time in a dynamic and challenging industry, and in a dynamic company, through high growth and now maturity/restructuring. She is a role model for women tech leaders as well as men."

Ina Kamenz
SVP & Global CIO,
Eli Lilly and Co.

Career: Kamenz joined Eli Lilly last year to revitalize IT and innovation at the pharmaceutical company. Previously, as CIO at Thermo Fisher Scientific, she integrated IT at a company that had grown through a series of 200 acquisitions. As CIO at Marriott, she was involved in the acquisition of the Ritz Carlton and Renaissance hotel chains, and was a high-profile leader of the Y2K business-continuity program.

Judge's view: "In each of those organizations she is more than a CIO--she is a partner to the business, leading process teams, mergers and acquisitions, startups, etc. She is trusted beyond the normal IT activities."

Thomas Peck
CIO and SVP, Global IT, Travel and Procurement,

Career: At AECOM, which designs and constructs huge infrastructure projects, Peck led the largest acquisition in that industry's history, launched a revenue-generating service, and automated the company's project-delivery process with mobile, cloud and workflow technologies. As CIO at Levi Strauss, Peck was a leader in online retail, and as CIO at MGM Mirage he was an innovator in the hotel and casino industries.

Judge's view: "Consistent track record of business success in several diverse industries. Implemented progressive strategies--which is always harder than it looks."

Chris Perretta
State Street Corp.

Career: Perretta is considered a tech- and business-savvy visionary in the field of cloud computing. At State Street, he led development of a groundbreaking private-cloud architecture and is moving the organization toward becoming a digital enterprise. He also frequently speaks to gatherings of Wall Street analysts and investors. He was previously CIO at GE Capital.

Judge's view: "Chris is ahead of his time merging engineering excellence with vision and tech chops. He is advancing cloud, platform-as-a-service and other areas aggressively, whereas most others are just toying around, and he's doing it in an industry that is famously risk-averse."

Steve Phillips
Avnet Inc.

Career: Phillips and his team have excelled at making IT valuable in a low-margin distribution business. They've done that by getting the most out of the company's data center, integrating numerous acquisitions (typically within 90 days), exploiting mobile technologies and improving B2B e-commerce capabilities.

Judge's view: "He has built a career of getting well aligned with the business and positioning himself as a strategic asset. Surviving in this role in this industry is difficult."

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