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How to Fix a “Bricked” BlackBerry, via RIM (Text and Video)

Aug 26, 2010
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RIM has posted a series of valuable online resources on how to recover from a "bricked" BlackBerry and/or a "507" software error

It’s not often that I post links to others’ BlackBerry tutorials—I much prefer writing my own, just check out my BlackBerry Bible page.

BlackBerry Curve 83xx with 507 Software Error Screen
“Bricked” BlackBerry Curve 83xx with 507 Software Error Screen

But seeing as how this one comes from BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM), and it addresses a problem familiar to many BlackBerry users–one that I’ve never tackled in this blog–I decided to make an exception.

RIM recently posted a BlackBerry support document that explains how to recover from the dreaded “BlackBerry 507” software-loading error, a.k.a., a “bricked” BlackBerry or a device that’s locked in a reboot cycle.

If you’ve ever attempted to install a leaked beta BlackBerry OS or upgrade to a new official OS released by your wireless carrier, you may have encountered this particular error, which occurs when something goes wrong during the new-OS-install process—you accidently unplug your device while updating; your PC runs out of power during the upgrade; or BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which is used to update BlackBerry software, flakes out on you with no obvious cause.

Apparently RIM released the tutorial along with a new feature in the BlackBerry 6 mobile OS that directs you to the corresponding Web page,, if you somehow trigger a BlackBerry 507 software error or otherwise “brick” your BlackBerry. It’s a great idea and probably one RIM should have thought of earlier. But at least it’s available today.

I won’t get into specifics; RIM has already done so in its post. But this is one RIM support doc I definitely suggest you bookmark—you’ll be glad you did should you ever find yourself with a bricked ‘Berry.

Pop on over to RIM’s “How to Reload BlackBerry Device Software” page, which includes instructions for both PC- and Mac-users, for more details. RIM seems to have posted a new video series on upgrading/reloading/downgrading to a new BlackBerry OS, as well, which could also come in handy.


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