by Robert Siciliano

Police Seek 2 Men, Woman in Stun-gun Robberies

Jun 03, 2010

A Stun gun or electromuscular incapacitation device when pressed against a human’s body causes a disruption in the electrical impulses of the nervous system. When someone is “shocked” in the upper chest area where the arms meet the chest or the lower abdomen on the left or right sides and in the upper thighs, they may lose the ability to walk, talk or function normally. Stun guns are considered non-lethal, which means they aren’t supposed to kill. However there have been situations where people have died when a stun gun was involved in subduing them. Seattle police are searching for a trio of robbers responsible for daytime attacks on three women using stun guns. In each case they were “crimes of opportunity.” Crimes of opportunity generally mean the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but what it really means is they were taken by surprise. The women were going about their business and the robbers attacked them. One was pushed into her trunk then her purse stolen. Her wallet with her home address and her keys were stolen so her landlord changed her locks. Another woman was followed home and while taking groceries out of her car was accosted by 2 men. A third woman was in her driveway when she too was robbed when she heard the crack of a stun gun then fell to the ground hitting her head. An attacker’s tool of trade is the element of surprise. They like to attack from behind when you aren’t paying attention. They also attack from the side or often use a distraction up front. It’s easy to say all these attacks could have been prevented. But as they say, easier said than done. By being fully aware of your surroundings you look less like a potential target. When a bad guy stalks you, if they know you see them, they may move on to someone who they can easily surprise. Always know what is going on behind you. Be prepared for someone approaching and distracting you. When pulling into your garage if you have the option shut the door behind you before you get out of your car. When pulling into your driveway always look around your car before getting out. Consider a home security alarm that also has home security cameras. That same alarm equipped with a panic button can help you if you see someone paying unwanted attention. By hitting that panic button it sets off an alarm getting attention to the situation. Robert Siciliano personal security expert to ADT Home Security Source discussing non-lethal personal protection and home invasions on the Gordon Elliot show.