by Beth Bacheldor

Accenture Lands an Outsourcing Gig from an Offshore Client

May 21, 2010
Enterprise Applications

Accenture will provide a Brazilian credit union application development, support and systems IT outsourcing services.

In the wake of all the offshoring news of late — Microsoft outsourcing to India’s Infosys, Vietnam and Egypt angling for your offshore $$, India’s outsourcing providers gaining momentum, and Fisher-Price sending IT work offshore – here’s a tidbit for the other side of the coin, namely, the United States.

That’s right. A foreign company has decided to offshore its IT work to a U.S. company. SICREDI, one of Brazil’s top credit unions, has inked a deal with Accenture to provide information technology support and systems development services under a strategic outsourcing contract.

For a bit on SICREDI – it comprises 128 credit cooperatives, with 12,000 employees, 1.6 million members, and more than 1,000 service centers distributed in 10 Brazilian states. I spoke with a public relations contact at Accenture to try and get more details, because there were few in the press release. Alas, SICREDI has decided to reveal much about the contract, such as its value, or how long the contract will last.

What I did find out is that Accenture is going to provide IT support and systems development on an outsourced basis; in particular, Accenture is going to support the credit union’s development, maintenance and management of ERP applications. The spokesman for Accenture confirmed that this is an application development outsourcing gig. While SICREDI doesn’t want details out regarding the contract, I did take note of a comment the credit union’s IT executive director made in a prepared statement: “”This decision will lead us to a new level of technology, helping us to increase our results and support in the development of new business, products and services for the credit unions integrated or affiliated with our systems,” said Denilson Mascarenhas, SICREDI IT executive director.

That sentiment, in my mind, coincides with what an application development initiative (rather than a straightforward infrastructure or data center management gig) should be all about. As I’ve said before, application development is all about new IT initiatives… you know, the kind of initiatives that spur new business opportunity rather than simply maintain the status quo. So good for SICREDI. And good for Accenture, too.

On another note, has anyone given any thought to this proposed bill Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is talking about, The American Jobs, Closing of Loopholes, and Prevention of Outsourcing Act? Among other things, the legislation is aimed at preventing outsourcing of jobs overseas. Stay tuned…