How a B2B company got its tech groove back

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MSC Industrial Supply — one of the largest direct marketers and distributors of metalworking and maintenance, repair and operations supplies — distributes 500,000-plus industrial products to more than 2,000 suppliers for over 300,000 customers. 

Up until recently, the Melville, N.Y.-based MSC was still servicing its manufacturing plant customers with a 4,000-page hardcopy of its “Big Book,” which means the sales were almost exclusively a manual, catalog-driven process. And worse, MSC’s meager website was built on antiquated technology — think Report Program Generator (RPG) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts running on an AS/400.

The first thing CIO Charlie Bonomo noticed when he joined MSC was the lack of modern ecommerce technology. He knew immediately that transforming this business and creating a robust online marketplace would be his greatest challenge.

msc industrial supply

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