by Meridith Levinson

Are You Confident in the Job Market?

Apr 05, 2010

A recent survey of 1,225 adults shows that they're growing more confident in the economy, job security and job market.

The job market showed signs of improvement Friday with the Labor Department’s announcement that the economy added 162,000 jobs in March. Even before that report came out, employed and unemployed professionals’ outlook on the job market appeared to be brightening, according to a survey of 1,225 adults conducted by online career community

Nearly 40 percent of employees polled by, including those who are self-employed, believe that if they lost their job tomorrow, they’d be able to find a new one matched to their experience and desired compensation levels within six months. (Less than one-third—30 percent—think finding a suitable job in six months is a pipe dream.)

Workers’ confidence in their employers’ business outlooks is also on the rise. Even though employers continued to announce job cuts in March, fewer employees are concerned about layoffs, according to’s data: 18 percent are worried they might be laid off in the next six months—down from 26 percent in the first quarter of 2009. And 90 percent of polled employees believe their company’s financial situation will improve (or at least not get any worse) over the next six months.

Unfortunately, employees are not as optimistic about their compensation. Four out of 10 (42 percent) believe their salaries will remain the same over the next 12 months. Slightly more than one-third of employees (36 percent) expect a raise in the coming year. However, if the economy returns to pre-recession levels, 57 percent of employees say they’ll expect a raise, bonus or promotion, and one in five will look for a new job.

How does your experience with the economy and job market compare with’s survey results? Unemployment remains at 9.7 percent, and job growth isn’t expected to significantly accelerate any time soon, according to economists at The Conference Board. I’ve talked to many IT professionals who’ve been out of work for a year or more. Are you optimistic that you could find a job in six months? Are you less concerned about layoffs?