by Al Sacco

Perfect Gift for the Booze-Guzzling BlackBerry Addict Who Has It All…

Mar 29, 2010
MobileSmall and Medium Business

The $11-"BevBurry" flask discretely holds 3 oz of your favorite spirit--and it looks just like your favorite smartphone.

Okay, so this post isn’t really related to the mobile workforce—not directly at least. And as such, it’s not exactly a perfect fit for the Mobile WorkHorse blog…but I just couldn’t resist.

The “BevBurry” BlackBerry-Shaped Flask

I’ve certainly written about my fair share of silly smartphone accessories in the past. Hand-sewn BlackBerry earrings. Bluetooth bracelets. Ostrich-skin cases that retail for $700. Etc., etc.

But this one just may take the cake. is currently selling the “BevBurry;” a small, plastic three-ounce flask designed to look just like a BlackBerry 7100g. Sure, the specific model-line’s a bit outdated…like six-years outdated. But that won’t matter in the least after a few tips of the BevBurry.

From Binocktails:

“Don’t get caught with an old stainless steal [sic] phone flasks or a hip flask…With how realistic this ‘Bev-Burry’ phone flask looks, no one will ever give it a second glance when you are walking into your favorite nightclub, bar or event with this secret liquor flask clipped to you side or in your handbag…”

And like most modern BlackBerry smartphones, the BevBurry comes with its own holster so you can store it on your belt, alongside your existing fleet of gadgets to become a true Holster Master.

It’s plastic, so it won’t set off metal detectors. And it costs only $11, so it won’t break the bank; you can use that extra scratch on your favorite libation to fill up the brand new BevBurry.

But please remember: With great smartphone-themed drinking utensils, comes great responsibility–you’ll want to pair your BevBurry with a quality “mobile breathalyzer” to ensure the commute back home after the workday is a safe–and legal–one.