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BlackBerry Desktop Manager (PC) Updated to v5.0.1.37: Fixes and Known Issues

Mar 25, 2010
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A new version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC fixes backup and restore issues, as well as Bluetooth connectivity problems.

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) has updated its desktop software for syncing information between Windows PCs and BlackBerry smartphones, fixing a handful of minor performance issues.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager (PC) v5.0.1.37

BlackBerry Desktop Software v5.0.1.37 is currently available for download, and it addresses previous issues with the software’s application loader, backup and restore and Bluetooth components, among other fixes. But the update appears to be Windows specific; BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac users will have to continue to wait for an update.

From RIM:

“BlackBerry Desktop Software 5.0.1 bundle 73 introduces improvements to the backup, synchronization and software loading processes, as well as various fixes.

(Note: RIM’s product release notes say “bundle 73,” but the software is labeled “BlackBerry Desktop Manager” See image above.)

Desktop Manager for PC resolves the following issues identified in earlier versions of the software:

  • Application Loader: A provisioning error occurred when you used the Application Loader from a remote machine with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  • Backup and Restore: In the Advanced section for Backup and Restore, you couldn’t back up your on-board device memory if there were no other computer databases.
  • Bluetooth Connection: With Windows Vista, you were prompted to install a Bluetooth device driver, even though your device was paired with your computer and BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  • Connection: When a BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Smartphone was connected, the model number appeared as 9550.
  • Installation: An automated installation of BlackBerry Desktop Manager did not let you modify the setup to delete the program shortcut.
  • Synchronization: 1) In languages with accented characters or extended character sets, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and device was not able to synchronize data in the Address Book for Microsoft Outlook; 2) Email address for contacts created in IBM Lotus Notes that contained international characters were corrupted on your device during a wired synchronization.

Though the new desktop software release fixed a number of known issues within previous versions of the software, a variety of problems still exist. For example, RIM’s aware of additional bugs related to BlackBerry Desktop Manager’s backup and restore, Bluetooth connection, and certificate synchronization components. Visit RIM’s technical solution center for specifics.

And you can download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC from RIM’s software downloads page.

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