5 must-have apps for recording meetings, interviews and phone calls

These five iOS and Android voice recorder apps help you jump right to the good stuff in audio recordings, save files in a variety of formats, export to cloud services, record your own phone calls and more.

While there's certainly no shortage of apps you can use to record meetings and interviews, Pio Smart Recorder (free for iOS) differs because it lets you tap to bookmark important sections of recordings.

pio smart recorder

Say you're recording a conference session. The presenter is blah-blah-blahing about stuff you don't care about. Suddenly, he has a lucid moment and starts talking about something you're interested in — you just tap your iPhone screen to mark the spot. After 5 minutes, he reverts to the blah-blah-blah, so you tap the screen again to end the bookmark.

Later, Pio lets you go right to the good part instead of forcing you to listen to the full session. You can also use Pio to upload finished recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive (a one-time, $1 in-app purchase). The parts you bookmark are saved as individual audio files (.m4a), along with a file of the entire recording. You can also arrange recordings in project folders. The free app limits you to three project folders, but for $1 you can have an unlimited number.

If you record a lot of audio, Pio could save you some serious time (and agony).

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