by Thomas Wailgum

The Newest Tech Buzzword: The Mist!

Sep 25, 2009
Enterprise Applications

Move over Cloud, a new star rolled into town: Mist Computing. Even more carefree than The Cloud, it's the hottest thing in IT!

Coming soon to Vendor Whitepapers, IT Analyst Reports and B2B Trade Publications near you…

Mist Computing!

Sick of all the hassles that come with hosting servers inside your own data center? Who needs that headache! Tired of pesky executives wondering why licensing and support costs are way too high? You betcha! Shaking your head at the so-called outsourcers and third-party service providers—booooooo!—who promise to host everything for you at sky-high rates? So dumb!!

Move over Cloud Computing, your time in the tech world spotlight is over! “The Mist” is a leading-edge networking concept sweeping across today’s corporate computing environments and has already been embraced by thousands of customers who’ve had it with IT administration responsibilities!

So, tell me Tom, just what is this “Mist Computing” I’ve been hearing so much about?

Great question! Here it is: Users simply connect their PC or laptop’s Ethernet cable to any type of office-wall outlet and they will be magically and quickly connected to all the business applications, websites, IT services and social media networks that they want!

But, Tom, to what are you actually connecting?

Who knows and who cares! It’s all in The Mist!

Wow! I love it! That must have killer ROI. And it sounds so easy and cost-effective for today’s stressed-out IT professional!

It sure is! With Mist Computing, you get all the connectivity you want with none of the nasty and complicated administrative, security, upgrade and hosting problems that can really be annoying! And the best thing is that it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s right: ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Who’s paying for it? Who cares! Who’s hosting it? Not your problem! Who’s ensuring 99.999% uptime? It doesn’t matter!

Call our experienced team of helpful installation consultants to get you started TODAY!! Your Future Is in The Mist!!

[Are you still confused about exactly what The Mist is? Well, let the vendors debate the definition for the next two years while the venture capital money piles up. Then we’ll explain it to you—if we can all agree.]

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