15 fun games to play on your Apple Watch

Yes, you really can play games on your Apple Watch.

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Having fun with your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can do many different things including phone calls, text messaging, fitness monitoring and more. But did you know that you can even play games on it? In this roundup we’ve compiled 15 fun games for you to play on your Apple Watch.

These games run the gamut from classic word games to video poker to fantasy adventure action. But they all share two things: you can play them all right on your wrist via the Apple Watch and they’re a lot of fun.

2four letter

Four Letters

Four Letters is a word game where you are given…four letters…and you must then make a word as quickly as you can. The more words you make, the higher your score will go.

But beware, it gets harder to form words the longer you last in the game. Don’t worry though, when the time runs out you can play the game again and see if you can beat your previous time.

3watch quest


Runeblade is a fantasy adventure game designed to be played on the Apple Watch. In Runeblade you’ll need to be the champion of the order of War Mages to defeat their evil gods and save the world! But in order to succeed you’ll have to awaken the arcane runes on your blade, and cast spells as you battle your way to the Forgotten Halls.

Runeblade offers spells that grow in power as you progress through the game. You can enchant runes and unlock special powers, and you can find magical artifacts and unlock various achievements. Can you defeat the gods of the War Mages and save the world?



Lifeline puts you into shoes of an astronaut that is stranded on an alien moon. You must make the right choices to help him survive. Lifeline provides a unique, branching story gaming experience. Your choices really do matter in the game, make the right ones and Taylor might survive. Make the wrong ones and he’ll surely die alone on an alien moon.


Trivia Crack

Can you beat your friends with your knowledge of trivia? Trivia Crack lets you face off with friends as you explore different categories of trivia right on your Apple Watch. The game features more than 100,000 questions to challenge and baffle even the most die-hard trivia buff.

You can also earn coins to get power ups and extra spins to try to gain the upper hand over your friends. You can even steal their characters.


Watch Quest

Watch Quest puts you into the role of hero. You must battle evil monsters, solve puzzles, find treasure and travel through dangerous lands. You’ll need to complete each quest you are given, and each quest offers varying levels of difficulty. Can you survive an onslaught monsters as you try to complete your quests?



The gameplay in BoxPop is simple, just pop boxes in L shaped paths similar to how you’d move a knight in the game of chess. BoxPop offers forty levels of puzzles for you to pop your way through. The game is a good option for casual gamers that want some quick fun on their Apple Watches.

As you solve puzzles you’ll be able to unlock larger grids and greater challenges. Beware though, you’ll encounter some unique grid shapes that might baffle you. Each time you solve a puzzle, you get a knight. And when you solve five puzzles in one day, you get a medal for your efforts.

8letter zap

Letter Zap

In Letter Zap, you’ll have 30 seconds to unscramble letters to find a hidden word. Don’t let the simple gameplay fool you, Letter Zap is very fast-paced, and will challenge even the most experienced letter gamers. You'll need to uncover as many hidden words as you can before the time limit expires.

In Letter Zap it’s just your mind, a bunch of letters and very little time. Can you succeed in finding the hidden word?



In Rules! you’ll need to pay careful attention as you follow the rule for each game. Your brain will get a workout as you try to carefully tap on items according to the rule that is presented to you in each puzzle.

Rules! can be a great way to focus your attention and help enhance memory as you work through each round on your Apple Watch.



FirstLetter is a word game that challenges you to find the first letter in each scrambled word. You can play with others or play solo as you try to beat your high score. FirstLetter offers a unique way of taking on your friends to prove your letter-solving prowess in head-to-head competition, as well challenging yourself to do better each time you play.

11battle camp

Battle Camp

Battle Camp is a companion app for the Apple Watch that lets you raise a virtual pet. You can feed your pet when it is hungry, and you can put your pet to sleep when he is tired. You can also play Rock-Paper-Scissors with your pet when he is unhappy and needs some attention.

And if your pet gets sick, you can give him medicine to make him feel better. If you evolve your pet through five stages of his growth, you will get a free gift in Battle Camp.

12poll party

Poll Party

Poll Party is a game that challenges you to find out if you know what’s popular and what’s not. You’ll need to join in global polls and see if your answer matches up with millions of other people. Do you really know what’s popular out there in the mainstream?

You can even submit your own poll questions, and if your question is picked you have the option of having your picture displayed right next to it. You can also answer as many poll questions as you want each day.

13family guy

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

In Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff you can create a living Quahog that fits in your pants, unlock groovy outfits for your characters and even send your characters on ridiculous quests. And you’ll need to keep Quahog safe from evil chickens, pirates and other nasties.

You can also unlock new and classic Family Guy animations, and decorate your town with Peterfy-ied decorations like the Hindenpeter, Petercopter and even a Peterdactyl. So enjoy playing your favorite characters from the Family Guy in this hilarious game for the Apple Watch.


Letterpad Free Word Puzzles

In Letterpad you get nine letters that function as clues to finding hidden words related to the topic of the puzzle. You’ll need to work your way through more than 200 puzzles. And you can even create and share your own puzzles with friends and family. The Letterpad community also provides new puzzles regularly so you’ll never get bored as you try to find hidden words in this Apple Watch game.


Spy Watch

Spy Watch is a game that you play via notifications, similar in a way to Lifeline. You are the head of a spy agency, and you’ll need to direct your agent to successfully complete his mission. You’ll need to think carefully as you instruct your agent on what to do if you want him to succeed in his mission.

As the game progresses, you’ll have to deal with enemy assassinations, uncovering secrets, seduction of enemy spies and the infiltration of secret bases. Do you have the leadership skills to succeed as a Spy Master?

16video poker

Video Poker - Watch Edition

Video Poker is a classic game that you can now play on your Apple Watch. You can play Classic Jacks or Better Video Poker. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, and the cards are shuffled in between each hand. You’ll get a daily gift if you play the game on your Apple Watch.