by Al Sacco

Top 10 Free Android Apps for August ’12, via Drippler

Aug 22, 20122 mins
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Android news-and-app-recommendation engine Drippler released its list of the top 10 Android apps for this month, based on user downloads. All the apps are free, and they all received notably high user ratings on the Google Play store.

I don’t usually post lists of “best” or “must-have” Android applications from other people or websites; I find my own favorite apps and recommend those. (Check out my most recent listshere and here.) But a new list of the 10 most popular free Android apps from Drippler for August 2012 features a few interesting apps that I’m not familiar with, and as such it seems worthy of a quick post.

Drippler’s Android Update, News and Apps software is a free download that detects users’ device models and then sends device-specific content. Drippler didn’t offer any specific numbers on how many users found and downloaded the top 10 apps it spotlighted. But all of them are available via the Google Play store, the majority of them have tens of thousands of reviews on Google Play, and they all have a minimum user rating of 4.1 out of 5 possible stars.

The one that really caught my eye is the iFixit Repair Manual app. I read iFixit’s teardowns of new gadgets all the time, and for the most part, the company does a great job. Maybe its Repair Manual software can even help me save my busted Samsung Galaxy S III.

Check out the infographic below for a look at Dribbler’s top 10 Android apps for August 2012.


Top 10 Android Apps Discovered on Drippler This Month