by Paul Mah

Pricey Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Keyboard is a Gamer’s Best Friend

Aug 20, 20122 mins
Computers and Peripherals

The $250 Razer DeathStalker Ultimate gaming keyboard has LED-backlit keys, a touch pad with gesture support and a variety of user-customizable buttons that can be used to launch apps or trigger certain in-game functions.

The Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Keyboard is a chiclet-style keypad with 10 customizable display keys that can be set as shortcuts for games or be used to launch desktop apps. The DeathStalker Ultimate keyboard also has a four-inch touch pad that supports gestures, and the touch pad can also be used as a secondary color screen for displaying various data.


Five macro keys are aligned along the left side of the keyboard, and they can be set to trigger certain macros or specific strings of timed commands. And all of the DeathStalker Ultimate’s keys are backlit thanks to multi-color LEDs beneath the butttons.

The DeathStalker Ultimate is first and foremost a gaming keyboard, and its most unique feature is probably the anti-ghosting capability that allows for up to 10 simultaneous key presses–a feature that makes it particularly well suited for use in playing some specific genres of computer games.


The 10 customizable display keys and touch pad can be customized using specific keypad apps, including Facebook and Twitter apps and a Web browser. The DeathStalker Ultimate also has a clock app, a number pad app and a couple of games-specific apps. Razer says more apps will become available in the near future; you can check out the Switchblade UI Apps page here for the latest updates.

Unfortunately, the keyboard isn’t wireless, but the attached braided-fiber USB cable is unobtrustive. The wrist rest on the DeathStalker Ultimate keyboard cannot be removed, though Razer does says its ergonomically optimized for hours of comfortable use.

At $250, the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate keyboard is the most expensive keyboard I’ve ever used. It’s currently available for preorder and will ship in September 2012.