by Paul Mah

The Adonit Writer Plus Case and Keyboard Lets You Work Anywhere

Jul 31, 20124 mins
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A folio case with a detachable keyboard for the iPad, the Adonit Writer Plus comes with a number of unique features that set it apart from the crowd.

The Adonit Writer Plus is a Folio case for the iPad with a detachable Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Positioned as both functional and fashionable, the keyboard can be used to take notes, reply to email messages and even for writing a novel on the iPad, according to Adonit. 


Protrusions along the side of the keyboard helps keep the keys off your iPad’s screen when travelling. They are small enough, and positioned such that they don’t get in the way when typing.

The Adonit Writer Plus

Both the internal and external surface of the folio case is covered in a felt-like material, while a plastic frame allows the iPad to be easily attached and held snugly in place. A magnet built into the folio puts the iPad to sleep, and also helps to hold the flap itself in place against the iPad when on the move. The auto sleep functionality also works with the keyboard, according to Adonit.

The process of pairing the Bluetooth keyboard is relatively straightforward, though there was a moment of confusion before I realized the On/Off toggle was a recessed slider switch hidden from view on the underside of the keyboard. The keyboard can also be detached from the Writer Plus by placing it flat on a table and giving it a gentle tug.

The keyboard is recharged from a standard USB outlet to its built-in micro-USB port, and should hold a charge for two weeks under normal usage. The charging cable is included in the package.


The ability to press on this tab to quickly release your iPad is ingenious.  


A flange slides into a slot in the keyboard. It did accumulate a number of scratches after removing the keyboard half a dozen times. (The keyboard is flipped over to show its underside). Note the recessed On/Off slider on the left.

My Thoughts on the Adonit Writer Plus

The layout keyboard of the Adonit Writer Plus is an improvement over the original Adonit Writer, and is built with an aluminum body that allows it to be thin yet rigid. When typing, key strokes feel slightly more satisfying than the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which is another keyboard that I liked.

One minor complaint is the arrow keys, which are the same size as the rest of the keys. Most keyboards currently have the arrow keys slightly smaller, allowing touch typists to more quickly identify them without having to glance down. I also found myself wishing that the Return key was slightly longer too.

What truly sets the Adonit Writer Plus apart from other similar folio keyboards is its patent pending magnetic slide. When deployed for use, the strategically positioned magnet helps to hold the folio stable at the right angle for typing. In my tests, this feature made the keyboard stable and comfortable when placed on one’s lap for typing. Certainly, this is a feature not many portable keyboards can lay claim to. 


The above photo shows the position of the keyboard against your iPad when travelling.


Black and the felt-like material is not the best combination, unfortunately, and make it a magnet for fingerprints and dust.

Overall, I found the Adonit Writer Plus to be a well-designed keyboard with support for a large number of shortcut keys. Though I was able to write this review on the keyboard; I’ll probably stick to a full-sized keyboard if I embark on a novel on the iPad.

The Adonit Writer Plus for the new iPad is priced at $100 for the Black (Silver keyboard), and $110 for the Turquoise and Red models. The Writer Plus for the iPad 2 is priced at $85 and $95 respectively.