by Paul Mah

ChargeCard: The Smartphone Charger That Fits in Your Wallet

Jul 26, 20122 mins
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The ChargeCard is a credit-card shaped mobile-device charger that plugs into a USB power source for charging and syncing, and it's available for iPhones and all devices with micro USB ports.

The ChargeCard is an ultra-portable USB charging cable in the shape of a business card. ChargeCard is just three times the thickness of a credit card, and it easily fits into a wallet, purse or pocket, according to its manufacturer. And there’s an iPhone-specific version and a version for smartphones with micro USB ports.


The iPhone ChargeCard.

ChargeCard: Simple, Practical Concept

The ChargeCard is not a portable battery, and cannot power up a smartphone on its own. When the gadget is open it has a standard USB connector on one end and an iPhone port or micro-USB connector on the other. You simply plug the USB side into a compatible port and connect your smartphone, and it begins to charge. The ChargeCard works as a data cable too, so you can use it to transfer files or sync other data.

The ChargeCard’s body is made of tough ABS plastic, and the foldout USB arm is made of a flexible thermoplastic material for durability. The iPhone version’s connector port protrudes far enough out from the unit’s body to work with bulky cases, such as OtterBox cases.

The ChargeCard is just 0.1-inch thick and 3.25-inches long, just slightly shorter than an average credit card.

It’s worth noting that some recent rumors suggest Apple will release a new iPhone with a different port connector, so ChargeCard may not be compatible with that new device. But ChargeCard is compatible with in-market iPhones and smartphones with micro USB ports.


The ChargeCard in action.

ChargeCard Availability

The ChargeCard is a KickStarter project, and it has already surpassed its funding goal of $50,000 with a month before the funding period closes. The iPhone ChargeCard is expected to ship in September, and the micro USB ChargeCard is expected in November. The project was initially posted on Kickstarter as an iPhone-only charger, but the creators quickly added a micro USB ChargeCard due to popular demand.

A pledge of $18 or more will get you a micro USB version, and a pledge of $20 or more buys the iPhone version. You can also pledge $35 or more to get one of each ChargeCard.