by Paul Mah

Logitech Solar Keyboard Lets You Say Bye Bye to Batteries

Jul 04, 20123 mins
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The K760 Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard is designed for use with Mac computers, but it also works with Windows PCs and other smartphones and tablets. Best of all, it can last as long as three months on a single solar charge, so you can forget about replacing those pesky batteries every few weeks.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac is a sleek Bluetooth-wireless keyboard that’s powered by light. It closely resembles Apple’s popular wireless keyboard, and like Apple’s keypad it lacks the number-specific keys found on the right side of many other keyboards


Features of the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 is stylish. Its solar cell sits at the top of the keys. An on/off button is location on its right side, and a slightly recessed button on its back panel initiates Bluetooth pairing and connections. And the keyboard uses Logitech’s unique concave design.

When fully charged, Logitech says the keyboard is good for three months of use in total darkness. Even if you work in dim environments all the time, the light generated by an LCD monitor should be sufficient to keep the keypad up and running without dipping into its battery reserves.

The K760 is made with PVC-free construction to minimize its environmental footprint. And it comes with instructions on how to remove the internal rechargeable batteries in the K760 for proper disposal

I really like the shortcut keys that let me toggle between three preconfigured Bluetooth devices. This makes it possible to quickly switch keyboard connections between a computer and a tablet, for example.


The K760 Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard has a slim profile. Note the on/off toggle on the right side.


Three different devices can be paired to the K760 and mapped to three shortcut keys.Switching between them takes just two seconds or less.


The back view of the K760 Keyboard. Note the recessed button on the right that is used to initiate Bluetooth pairing.

My Experiences with the K760 Solar Keyboard

Even though it’s not officially supported, the K760 Keyboard works relatively well with my Windows laptop. Multimedia shortcut keys such as the play/pause, mute and volume adjustment keys all work, though the screen brightness key does not; this key activates the scroll lock instead, which sometimes becomes stuck and requires a few more taps to disable it.

The keyboard also works with my iPad. It’s somewhat larger than the tablet, and slight contours on its back mean it takes up slightly more space than the Apple Wireless Keyboard. And as was the case with the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio I reviewed in June, shallow scratches appeared on the solar cell after moderate use.

Logitech told me in the past that its solar cells are protected by transparent Mylar, so the scratches should not interfere with the solar reception. However, you may want to keep the keyboard in a soft sleeve or case to protect it from unsightly scratches and other damage.

Conclusion: K760 Solar Keyboard

After using the K760 Keyboard for more than a week, I’m very pleased with its overall performance. In fact, the K760 Solar Keyboard is probably my favorite Bluetooth keyboard right now. And despite being designed for the Mac, the keyboard works well with Windows PCs.

If you want a Bluetooth keyboard but don’t want to have to worry about constantly replacing batteries, the K760 Keyboard is a great option. It costs $79.99.