by Al Sacco

Google I/O Live Blog: Insights and Images from Google’s ’12 Developer Conference

Jun 27, 20122 mins
Data CenterDeveloperEnterprise Applications's Al Sacco is on the scene in San Francisco for Google's 2012 developer conference, and he's live blogging the event. Get expert commentary, insights and photography from a variety of I/O locations in real time and watch live video from Google's keynotes and major announcements right here.

UPDATE: The Google live blog tool I’m using apparently cuts off the live updates after just a handful of posts. Jump over to my Google+ page to see all of my updates.

Live from San Francisco, It’s Google I/O 2012!

I’m at Google’s developer conference for the next few days, and I plan to cover all of the comapny’s major Android-related announcements, whether they are related to a rumored Nexus tablet, the Android “Jellybean” 4.1 OS or anything else, via blog posts and analysis stories. But I’m also trying something new–for me at least: A live blog.

And I’m not just live blogging a keynote address or specific session. I’m going to live blog the whole event. As such, my updates won’t be machinegunned at you for an hour or two during a keynote and then stop, though updates during major announcements will be more frequent. Instead, I’m going to continue to update this live blog until the end of I/O. So leave this post open in a browser window–the live blog will automatically update without refreshing the page–or check back often.

The box above my live blog stream will also play live video from Google’s day one (Wednesday, June 27 at 12:30 pm ET) and day two keynote addresses (Thursday, June 28 at 1:00 pm ET).

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments or let me know if you want images or information on anything in particular.