by James A. Martin

I’d Cap That iOS App Adds Crude Captions to Pix

May 30, 20122 mins

Depending on your taste in mobile apps, you may think the free I’d Cap That software represents the decline of mankind. Then again, you just might LOL.

Every now and then I check out the lists of top 10 free apps in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. I’m curious to see if the decline of Western Civilization is continuing at a rapid clip.

Judging from I’d Cap That, which recently hit iTunes’ top 10, we’re all doomed. Doomed, I tell you!

I’m exaggerating, of course. And I’d Cap That actually made me laugh several times. I can see it being a lot of fun at a party—at least for five minutes or so. But as Krisp, the app’s developer, blithely states: “Do not use I’d Cap That if you are easily offended.”

I’d Cap That is a photo app that randomly adds humorous—and sometimes crude—captions to photos on your iOS device. (The app is designed for iPhone and iPod touch screens; the version I reviewed is 1.10.) Here are a few examples (fit for public consumption) of I’d Cap That humor at work, using some recent and vintage photos on my iPhone:

I'd Cap That iPhone iOS app screen shot

I'd Cap That iPhone iOS screen shot

I’d Cap That uses hundreds of “random, hilarious captions” that supposedly never repeat. You can save captioned images to your iOS device’s Camera Roll or share them via email or on Twitter (but, surprisingly, not Facebook).

So what if Western Civilization is in a dizzying free-for-all plunge? I’m still laughing over that “sharted” caption.

Check back on Friday for more thoughts on another top 10 free iOS app. Next week, I’ll move on to the Google Play Store’s top 10.