by Al Sacco

Surprise! EW’s Awesome Apps of Summer All iOS, Android

May 29, 20122 mins
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When the average mobile-device user thinks of applications, they think of iOS and Android—not BlackBerry, Windows Phone or any other mobile platforms. Entertainment Weekly's new awesome apps of summer 2012 list is an effective representation of the challenge RIM and Microsoft face in the coming years.

I’m a big fan of Entertainment Weekly magazine—yes, I read the paper magazine, not the website, GASP!—and one of my favorite issues every year is the Summer Must List edition. EW used to feature mostly summer movies, TV shows, books and fashion, but during the past few years it started including sections on technology, gadgets and even mobile applications.


EW‘s summer 2012 app recommendations aren’t particularly insightful, at least if you’re trying to find great apps. Most of them are games, and all are aimed at consumers, as you might expect from a mag like EW. What’s more telling is the fact that every one of the recommended downloads is for iOS, Android or both. No BlackBerry apps. No Windows Phone apps. Etc.

The one-page article nicely sums up the challenge RIM and BlackBerry, Microsoft and Windows Phone, face in the modern mobile market: Nobody thinks of apps when they think of BlackBerry or Windows Phone. And that does not bode well for iOS and Android competitors. James A. Martin,’s mobile apps blogger, covers iOS and Android apps almost exclusively in his Martin on Mobile Apps blog. That’s partially because he doesn’t use a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone and partially because we know that iOS and Android have more “app-eal” right now.

Earlier this month, I interviewed four RIM executives at BlackBerry World, and I asked them specifically about this app issue. I got a relatively generic response about how the company is working closely with developers to make the app creation process easier and how it’s implementing new quality assurance programs in BlackBerry App World, its software shop. (Listen to or download my BlackBerry World Q&A for more specifics.) I got the feeling that RIM is very aware of the problem, but it doesn’t really know what to do at this point.


If you’re interested in EW‘s app recommendations beyond what you can see in the (blurry) image above you can pick up a copy of the June 01 issue, which is on store shelves now—I don’t think the summer apps list is available online.


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