by Paul Mah

The 5 Best Cases for Your New iPad

May 09, 20125 mins
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You'll find no shortage of cases for the new iPad. But all iPad cases are not created equally. blogger Paul Mah shares his picks for the five best Apple tablet cases on the market today.

When Apple unveiled its new iPad in March, case makers scrambled to retool their products to account for the additional thickness of the third-generation Apple tablet. Roughly two months have passed since Apple released the new iPad, and now’s a great time to take a look at five stylish and functional cases for the new iPad–five cases that just happen to be my personal favorites.


OtterBox Defender Series Case for New iPad and iPad 2

The OtterBox Defender Series Case for the new iPad and iPad 2 is a rugged case that offers a very high level of protection. The case comes with a high-impact inner polycarbonate shell with a built-in foam interior to protect against scratches. An outer silicone layer absorbs shock, and a built-in screen protector helps ensure that your iPad’s high-resolution display remains pristine. An integrated shield uses magnets to put the iPad to sleep when it’s not in use and helps protect the screen against impact when you’re on the move. The shield also serves as a stand for typing and viewing.

I’m familiar with the Defender Series Case for the original iPad, and I am impressed with the design improvements OtterBox brought to the new case. Though the OtterBox Defender Series won’t protect your precious iPad from any and all damage, its multiple layers of defense offer some of the best protection on the market. An integrated silicon insert also fits over vulnerable points such as the Apple dock connector, earphone port and the orientation/mute lock to further guard against dust and moisture. The downside? The Defender Series case is quite bulky and it adds significant size and weight to the otherwise sleek new iPad.

Price: $89.95

Griffin Executive Passport for iPad 2 and iPad 3


Griffin’s Executive Passport case is made of leather, and it’s adorned with fancy, polished-metal logo medallions. The inside of the case is made of soft micro suede to protect the iPad, and you can zipper it closed for additional protection against dust.

Two hooks on the inside hinge of the Executive Passport can be used to hold a pen or stylus for the iPad. Unfortunately, the elastic corner tabs that hold the iPad in place kind of get in the way of important controls such as the power button, the orientation/mute lock and the volume keys. This is especially annoying as the Executive Passport case does not come with a magnetic catch, which means those corner tabs will likely get in your way every time you put the iPad to sleep.

Price: $79.99

DODOcase Spring Summer for iPad3/iPad2


The DODOcase Spring Summer for iPad3/iPad2 is available in four different styles, and it’s built to look like a book, which helps camouflage your new iPad when seen from a distance. The tray that holds the iPad is made of eco-friendly bamboo, and it securely holds your iPad in place.

My review unit came with a camera hole, though that’s an optional ($4.95) feature. You can personalize your case with custom text that’s printed on the spine or front cover, though you’ll have to pay extra–custom printing starts at $9.95. The DODOcase is also built so all iPad buttons and ports can be easily accessed.  And it comes with a magnetic feature that switches off your iPad when the front cover is closed. My one complaint about the DODOcase has to do with aesthetics: I really don’t like how the elastic closure-strap hangs loose when the DODOcase is open.

Price: $79.95

Belkin Cinema Leather Folio with Stand

The Belkin Cinema Leather Folio with Stand is made of quality leather for enhanced durability and style. A magnetic tab hooks over the front cover to keep it in place. And the tough rubber grippers at its four corners protect your iPad against drops and impacts on its edges.

Overall, the case is sturdily built and it can withstand some minor drops and still keep your new iPad in ship shape. I found the Cinema Leather Folio to be a bit heavy, but users who prefer better protection over a lighter case probably won’t see this as much of an issue. I was also quickly annoyed by the magnetic tab closure, which ends up hanging over the iPad’s frame along the top when the case is used as a stand.

Price: $59.99

Targus Vuscape Case & Stand for the new iPad

The Targus Vuscape Case & Stand has a thick padded shell on the front, and it folds into a stand that offers two different reclining positions. You can also flip your iPad so it rests on the outside of the case’s front cover at an angle that’s ideal for typing. The case’s inside is lined with a soft material to protect against scratches, and Targus says the durable padded shell is water resistant and can be easily wiped clean.

I really like the case’s thick front cover, which should protect the iPad from scratches and other damage. A small clasp built into the front cover keeps the case from swinging open unintentionally. The back panel of the Vuscape case comes with “flanges” that attach to the iPad, and they’re strategically located to protect against impact to the tablet’s edges. Though the case is well built, those flanges may loosen up over time.

Price: $44.99