by Meridith Levinson

Career Advice: Parting Words

Apr 11, 20122 mins

I have a confession to make: I never felt completely comfortable giving out job search and career advice as the author of’s Career Connection blog. It wasn’t that I thought I was giving out bad advice. I was just always concerned that readers would take a look at my professional background, see that I had worked for the same company, IDG, for what is now 14 years, and say, She is in no position to give out career advice. She hasn’t made a significant career move in 14 years. I worried readers would think that I wasn’t a credible source of information.

I know many career experts who would say 14 years is too long to work for one company, and that anyone who stays with one organization for such a long time runs the risk of appearing “stale” and “unable to adapt to a new environment” to prospective employers.

I am happy to report that despite having worked for one employer my entire career, I landed a new job. This week marks my last week with IDG, and this post marks my final Career Connection blog entry.

Writing the Career Connection blog has been a highlight of my tenure with IDG.  I am grateful to managers past and present for giving me the opportunity to write it and to spout my sometimes subversive opinions on a range of topics, from executive compensation to long-term unemployment to monitoring job seekers’ social media activity.

I am equally grateful to my faithful readers who showered this blog with page views, peppered it (and my email inbox) with thoughtful comments, and gave me innumerable ideas for stories and blogs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Writing career management stories for has been extremely gratifying for me personally and professionally. I can only hope it has helped you as much as it has helped me.

All the best,

Meridith Levinson