by Al Sacco

Instagram for Android Draws Tasteless Tweets from Elitist iPhoners

Apr 04, 20122 mins
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Instagram for Android was released yesterday, and the photo-sharing app, which was formerly available only to iOS users, has drawn the ire of many iPhone, iPod and iPad users, who're using Twitter to vent their frustrations—and further the stereotype of the holier-than-thou iPhoner.

Yesterday the ridiculously popular photo-sharing and filter app Instagram was released for Android smartphones. Up until this point, the app was exclusive to iPhone, iPad and iPod users. A number of elitist iOS users really aren’t happy that millions of Android users were invited to the Instagram party, and they’re venting their frustrations on social networks, including Twitter.


Instagram for iPhone already has some 30 million iOS users, and the Android app reportedly saw more than a million downloads in the first 24 hours following its release.

The popular mobile platforms today have developed stereotypes based on the personality types they tend to attract—Android draws nerdy, techie types who like to tinker; BlackBerry users are often boring business folk who only care about messaging; the iPhone entices status-conscious yuppy hipsters or “yupsters;” etc., etc.

Of course stereotypes aren’t always accurate, but they do usually come from some spec of truth. And some of the comments from angry, holier-than-thou iPhone users on Twitter regarding the new Android Instagram app certainly seem to fit.

Check out the following list for some of the more amusing tweets I saw in the last few hours. I left off many of the most “creative” tweets, because they were simply distasteful, but if you want to find them you can do so by searching Twitter for the hashtag: #instagram.

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@logaq: Ew. I don’t want to see android phones in my instagram feed. I like it being an apple club. #elitist

@m0nster_one: oh, great. Instagram is now available for Android phones. now I’m going to be forced to see what poor people eat for dinner. #instagram

@a5g9: So you Android losers got Instagram now?? Smh..Now I know how male-supremacist felt when women were first allowed to vote…

@frankthetank91: I feel gross knowing people with an android phone can follow me on instagram…

@chick_in_kicks: Android has officially ruined #Instgram …

@sergiozolanski: #instagram went from a gated community to section 8 housing all in one day.

@djjonathanvaz: I feel like #instagram betrayed people with iPhones