by Paul Mah

Say Goodbye to that Clunky Scroll Wheel with Logitech’s Sleek Touch Mouse

Mar 19, 20123 mins
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Logitech's cool new Touch Mouse M600 is a stylish wireless mouse that lets you scroll rapidly through lengthy documents and navigate websites by simply swiping its sleek touch-sensitive surface.

The stylish new Touch Mouse M600, which looks quite a bit like a large, glossy black pebble, is Logitech’s response to the current crop of touch-based computer mice on the market. Its touch-sensitive surface extends to just over half of the M600’s top panel, with no visible buttons or sensors atop the gadget. As is the case with Apple’s popular Magic Mouse, the entire front portion of the M600 is clickable, and it makes an audible “click” sound when depressed.

Unlike some of its competitors, Logitech keeps its touch-mouse functionality simple. Swiping a finger in an up or down motion works just like a traditional scroll wheel, and swiping to the left or right activates either a “Back” or “Forward” function when using a Web browser. The mouse lets you flick your finger quickly when toggling the scroll-wheel functionality to dramatically speed up scrolling. And the functionality assigned to right and left clicks can be reversed for left-handed users, though you’ll need Logitech’s SetPoint device driver software to do so.

The M600 uses Logitech’s 2.4GHz wireless technology and two AA batteries, though it will also work with only one battery if that’s all you have–or if you prefer a lighter mouse. A physical switch on its bottom toggles the mouse on and off, and a green LED light indicates power status.

Logitech’s “Unifying” technology lets the M600 mouse work with up to five additional devices via a single miniature USB receiver (included). To add a new device you simply run the Logitech Unifying Software then switch on the new device and it automatically pairs with the receiver. And the receiver can be stored within the body of the mouse to reduce the risk of loss.

Logitech says the M600 incorporates an advanced optical technology that delivers precision scrolling and movement on virtually any surface. But I found the M600 performed poorer than my Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX that uses the superior Darkfield laser-tracking technology. Given the M600’s higher list price of $69.99 and compared to the latter’s $59.99 price tag and better performance, I was somewhat surprised that the new touch mouse shipped without a Darkfield sensor. However, the M600 was able to track quite well on a surprising number of surfaces that rendered other optical mice useless.

On the flip side, I noticed some fine scratches on the touch surface of the M600 after only a week or so. Though they’re not particularly noticable, the scratches are disconcerting since I haven’t used it very much and I always use the included pouch when toting the mouse around. Logitech M600 users who frequently stuff their computer peripherals together with other knickknacks into travel bags will want to take special care of their M600.

Overall, the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is a high-quality mouse that performed as advertised, and it’s perfect for folks itching for a touch mouse without confusing multi-touch gestures. Personally I prefer the feel of physical scroll wheels touch-mice, even though they do trap oil and dirt, so I plan to stick with my Logitech Anywhere MX mouse for now.

The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 looks great and it’s sure to grab the attention of curious colleagues

Bottom view of the M600. Note the On/Off switch.

Slot for the “Nano” USB receiver under the lid. (Rechargeable batteries not included)

The shiny Touch Mouse M600 beside my well-worn Anywhere Mouse MX