by Paul Mah

Pricey Bose Bluetooth Headset is an Audiophile’s Dream

Mar 09, 20123 mins
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The Bose Series 2 Bluetooth headset packs superior comfort, sound quality and noise cancellation into a compact, stylish package. But it doesn't come cheap.

The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 is a second-generation wireless headset from Bose that the company says improves on its earlier headset model in a number of ways. For example, the noise-rejecting microphone features improved technology to separate background noise and your voice.  And Bose also added A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming for high-quality playback of music, podcasts and more via audio gadgets, such as your smartphone.


Like its predecessor, the Bose headset Series 2 incorporates adaptive audio adjustment technology to automatically adjust the headset’s volume based on surrounding noise. This helps to maintain the best possible sound as users move between quiet and loud environments. I found that this works as advertised, though the volume transition was not completely seamless at times; on a few occasions the volume auto-adjusted to a level that was mildly uncomfortable. This may have been partially my fault for setting the phone volume too high, but the point is that the onus remains on the user to adjust audio to a comfortable level.

The first iteration of Bose’s Bluetooth headset was designed to only fit in the right ear. But after receiving many related complaints from user, the company decided to make the Bose Series 2 available in right-ear and left-ear variants. An indicator light on the inside of the headset shows the remaining battery charge by changing from green to amber to red accordingly.

The sound quality of the Bose headset Series 2 is fantastic. The songs I played through it sounded as if they came from a mid-range wired earphone instead of a wireless headset. When used for making phone calls, voices came across as rich and natural without sounding tinny like many similar wireless headsets. The headset comes with the same StayHear tips as the popular Bose IE2 earphones, and as a result the Bose headset is extremely comfortable. The Bose Series 2 works great for listening to podcasts or audio messages.

But you should be prepared to pay for this high quality, as it isn’t cheap at $149.95. the headset’s price, coupled with the fact that I rarely make phone calls when on the road, means that I won’t likely purchase one for myself. The Bose Series 2 also lacks voice alert and voice commands, features that I already have in my Plantronics headset. I will say that the battery indicator on the Bose headset is unique, innovative and works well.

Ultimately, if you are someone who is only satisfied with the best in audio quality and comfort, and you use your headset extensively, then the Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 should be an excellent choice for you.


The stylish design of the Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 makes it stand out from the crowd. Notice the noise rejecting microphone on the right side.


The micro-USB charging port is tilted at a slight angle and took some practice for me to get the hang of.


The Bose headset with the additional (included) StayHear tips. They are easy to install and extremely comfortable.


Note the indicator light for Bluetooth and the battery gauge, which is amber in this image to indicate half-charge.