by Al Sacco

The Real Reason Apple Called the Latest iPad the ‘New iPad’

Mar 08, 20122 mins
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Apple's new iPad is called…the "new iPad." That's for good reason—at least from Apple's perspective--and not just for simplicity's sake, according to's Al Sacco.

Apple yesterday unveiled in spectacular fashion the latest model of its iPad tablet. Despite rumors, the gadget was not officially called the “iPad HD” or the “iPad 3.” Instead, Apple decided to throw a tech curve ball and name the product the “new iPad.”


And though this move may have been meant to simplify the iPad naming conventions — because as some tech pundits have speculated the average consumer doesn’t really care about product names–I think Apple had a much more specific reason for calling its next-generation iPad the “new iPad” than mere simplicity.

In using the “new iPad” name, Apple has, in effect, covertly labeled all previous generation iPads as “old.” What do all tech nerds and especially Apple fanatics need? The latest and greatest gadgets, of course. In other words, Apple’s “new iPad” name is all about making your current iPad feel old so you’ll be more likely to buy a new one, even if you really don’t need or can’t afford one. That’s what credit cards are for, right?

You know what’s even worse? This is actually a very good idea on Apple’s part, at least from a business perspective. Why? Because it will work. In the modern world, especially the American tech world, old is bad. (You’re already considering replacing your iPad with the new iPad, aren’t you?)

When I first learned that the new iPad was called the “new iPad,” I kind of snickered and thought “What a stupid name.” But as I mulled the new name over, and considered the fact that Apple’s marketing division is arguably the most brilliant in the world right now, the pieces clicked into place.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Apple continues on this path, and names the next generation iPhone the “new iPhone” for the same reason–so you’ll be more inclined to upgrade your old iPhone.

I suspect Apple’s next iPad will also be called the new iPad, and the current iPad that’s being released soon will simply become the “3rd generation iPad” or something like that. Unofficially, it will just be the “old iPad.”

Obviously, this is just my opinion. But as a true gadget geek, I know there are few urges as strong as the Upgrade Urge. And Apple knows this too.