by James A. Martin

Email Up to 30 Images at Once with Kicksend for iPhone

Mar 05, 20123 mins
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The iPhone’s iOS software only lets you email up to five photos at a time. But the free Kicksend application blows past that limitation.

Remember the past holiday season? I do, because every time I venture into my iPhone’s Photos app, I’m faced with a bunch of pictures I took during the holidays. I’ve been meaning to send those pictures to friends. But emailing a bunch of photos from an iPhone can be laborious—at least if you don’t use a third-party app.

Kicksend, a new, free iOS application (current version 1.1.1), takes the nick out of sharing iPhone pics. With Kicksend, you can attach up to 30 images on your iPhone. iPod touch or iPad to one e-mail.

After setting up a free Kicksend account, you simply launch the app, click a set of thumbnails to select the images you want to email, and then set the desired email recipients. You can create custom lists of email recipients, too.

Even better, you can choose the quality of images for emailing, which determines file size and upload speeds. Photo quality is set to “normal” by default, but you can change it to “small,” “large,” “very large,” or “original,” which is the largest available file size. And your recipients don’t need the Kicksend app or a Kicksend account to receive the files.

Kicksend tells you the approximate total size of your email before you send it. And the app lets you know when each file has been sent. You can also send other files with Kicksend, such as videos and PDFs.

Without Kicksend, you could only send up to five images at a time on your iPhone (an iOS limitation). There are other ways to get photos off your iPhone to share them, but none are as easy as Kicksend. For instance, the Dropbox app lets you upload pictures to your computer’s Dropbox folder. From there, you can either share that folder with others or email the pics from your computer.

Though Kicksend is free, you’re limited to 1GB of file transmissions per month, which is roughly equivalent to 100 high-res photos. However, you can bump that amount up by as much as 750 MB per month for free by inviting friends to join Kicksend, “Liking” the company on Facebook, and so on.

Kicksend also makes a free software application for Mac and Windows desktop computers. Photos or videos you send to someone with Kicksend on their computer and iPhone will be automatically delivered to those devices, and vice versa.

Now I can finally stop holding my holiday pictures hostage. After all, Easter is just around the corner.