by Meridith Levinson

Hot IT Skills in 2012

Feb 21, 20122 mins
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Research from two different firms suggests which IT skills are in greatest demand. What skills are you after?

A few weeks ago I reported on IT salary trends for 2012, based on findings from Bluewolf, a NYC-based provider of IT staffing, consulting and managed IT services.  In addition to providing salary ranges for 70 IT job titles in six major metro markets, Bluewolf’s IT Salary Guide outlines the IT skills in greatest demand. Bluewolf’s findings are grounded in the thousands of IT staffing placements the company manages each year. The company also analyzes growth patterns for various tech skills and IT hiring trends. According to Bluewolf’s research, the 14 IT skills in greatest demand are:

Mobile Application Development





UI Design

Cloud Computing




Google Apps

Amazon Web Services – Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Big Data





I compared Bluewolf’s findings with Foote Partners‘ research into the value of various IT skills and the premiums companies pay to obtain them. Foote Partners’ research supports the notion that iPhone/iPad and Android development skills are among those in greatest demand, as companies are paying some of the highest premiums to obtain those skills. Employers are also paying high premiums for Cognos and Informatica expertise, according to Foote’s data, and that corroborates Bluewolf’s findings. (I’m sure David Foote, CEO of the eponymous firm, will excoriate me for comparing his research with another firm’s and will find fault with my interpretation of his research.)

There were some discrepancies between Bluewolf’s and Foote’s data. For instance, Foote saw the value of HTML5 and JavaScript skills drop 11.1 percent and 14.8 percent respectively in the last six months of 2011. The value of MySQL skills decreased 14.3 percent last year.

Another discrepancy: Bluewolf says demand for DB2 and Business Objects experts is dropping off, yet Foote’s research suggests the opposite: It shows companies paying some of the highest premiums to acquire those skills.

Foote doesn’t track HBase, Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, Google Apps or AWS skills per se. For more information on Foote’s research, see my story from last week, IT Pay: Premiums for IT Skills Drop as IT Departments Reorganize.