by Paul Mah

Forget Beats by Dre; Fanny Wang 2000 Headphones Offer Quality Audio, Custom Style

Feb 20, 20123 mins
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The Fanny Wang 2000 Series headphones offer powerful bass and startlingly bright highs for audiophiles, and they're available in a wide array of cool custom color options for fashionistas.

Seeking a premium pair of fashionable headphones that provide top-of-the-line sound quality? Want to avoid jumping on the Beats by Dr. Dre bandwagon? Fanny Wang Headphone Co. claims its 2000 Series headphonesare capable of satisfying the tastes of the most discerning audiophile while also providing users with a unique look. And if you’re willing to pay an additional premium of $50 (and wait three weeks) you can customize your headphones with a wild palette of colors.


The company makes three different types of headphones at the moment: the 1000 Series on ear; the 2000 Series over ears with selectable bass boost; and the 3000 Series, which come with additional noise cancellation technology. All three models are available in custom colors.

For this particular review, the company sent over the 2000 Series Customs. (As you can see, I chose a relatively “safe,” if somewhat insipid, combination of colors.) You should choose your color combinations carefully since, you can’t change your mind after your order has been submitted online. And note that some colors, including red, are simply not available, though you do have some impressive choices like chrome as compensation.

The five-watt headphone amp in the 2000 Series is powered by two AAA batteries, but the headphones will still work even if the battery is dead. The battery compartment is concealed within the left earcup, while the right earcup sports a small switch to toggle the amplifier on and off or add 6 decibels of bass boost to your music. I popped in a couple of batteries and didn’t really notice any difference. The detachable headphone cable comes with a built-in splitter that allows for music sharing with no discernible reduction in sound quality. A built-in remote and microphone makes it iPhone ready, and the headphone controls can be used to adjust the volume or pause the music.

My initial expectations of the Wangs (as the company calls them) were somewhat low, and I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged them in for the first time. In my tests, the 2000 Series produced exceptionally clear and powerful sound that didn’t get distorted even at high volume. Bass was superb with the bass-boost mode enabled. High notes were crisp and bright.

One possible downside is that the headphones are quite bulky. The folding design and the stylish rigid foam carrying case helps, but they may not solve the problem for folks who prefer to travel light. The headphones also felt a little too tight. The earmuffs are soft and definitely comfortable though, so opinions on this point may vary.

In conclusion, I consider the 2000 Series headphones from Fanny Wang to be above average in general music playback while excelling at pop hits and other bass-heavy music. And besides being functional, you can expect the headphones to also serve as a great talking point wherever you may use them.The 2000 Series Wangs start a $249.95, so they are also a bit pricey.


How the 2000 Series headphones are packed into their rigid foam casing


Rigid foam carrying case zippered up and ready to go


Detachable headphones cable with inline remote and mic


Customize your Wangs by clicking on your color combination of choice on the Fanny Wang website