by Constantine von Hoffman

VeriSign Admits Repeated Security Breaches — Weekly IT Security News Roundup

Feb 03, 20121 min
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Google starts checking apps for malware; new trojan diverts calls from banks to criminals

VeriSign admits repeated security breaches
: Previously unreported breaches occurred in 2010 at the company which is ultimately responsible for the integrity of Web addresses ending in .com, .net and .gov.

Malware attacks WordPress blog: Preys on website owners hosting an older version of WordPress, 3.2.1, which was updated in December but still widely in use.

New Trojan diverts calls from banks to criminals: Program is part of a modified configuration of Ice IX, a Trojan developed using ZeuS toolkit. In addition to stealing bank account data from infected machines, these Ice IX configurations capture sensitive information on telephone accounts.

Google finally starts doing security check on Android apps: Service called Bouncer scans apps and looks for known malware as well as potentially malicious behavior. The Android Market has been home to trojaned versions of legitimate apps or malware-infected apps.

2011 was great year for making malware: Report from Pandalabs says malware creation hit all-time high. Researchers detected 26 million new strains or variants of malicious code.

Nearly half of Fortune 500 infected with DNS changer: Malware redirects users to fake websites, puts organizations at risk of information theft,