by Constantine von Hoffman

FBI Flunks Security Check as Anonymous Hacks Phone Call

Feb 03, 20122 mins
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Call with Scotland Yard discusses several Anonymous and LulzSec related cases

If you thought the FBI and Scotland Yard had their security right, you’d be wrong. Anonymous has posted an MP3 of a call where the FBI can be heard discussing several Anonymous and LulzSec related cases with investigators from the UK.

The hacker group says this is part of an ongoing F**k FBI Friday campaign, which began in 2011, and has resulted in several attacks against the agency. “It’s Friday, #F**kFBIFriday, everybody’s lookin’ forward to the leakend, leakened… #FFF,” read once tweet from AnonymousIRC.

The FBI confirmed the leak, saying: “The information was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained. A criminal investigation is under way to identify and hold accountable those responsible.”

The call apparently took place on Jan. 17th – according to a confidential email with the bridge and passcode which was also published to the net.

The email, entitled “Anon-Lulz International Coordination Call”, went to over 40 law enforcement officers in the USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France and Sweden, although only a small number of people are on the conference call, according to Naked Security.


The discussion during the 16-minute call doesn’t really reveal anything (other than a serious security problem) but does have its amusing moments. According to the Telegraph:

At the beginning conversation, the British officers discuss cheese and the merits of Sheffield.

One officer appears to refer to the city as a “khazi” slang for toilet – and tells an American colleague: “You’ve missed nothing, it’s not exactly a jewel in England’s crown.”

They also refer to a colleague as an “old school detective but mad as a box of frogs.”

Congrats to the Yard for being able to turn a phrase.