by Meridith Levinson

IT Professionals’ Confidence in Job Market, Economy Growing

Feb 03, 20122 mins
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As news of increased IT hiring, increases in IT pay and increased IT spending mounts, so too has IT professionals' confidence in the economy and job market, according to Technisource. Do you think the market for IT jobs is improving? Take's poll.

I’ve been writing about the improving market for IT jobs since last May, when I began hearing reports of increased demand for IT professionals and higher IT salaries from staffing industry executives. Despite these reports, IT professionals remained skeptical of the economic outlook for their industry, and understandably so. Concerns about America’s debt load and the European debt crisis reached a fever pitch last summer and threatened to cause a double dip recession. Against that back drop, IT professionals didn’t want to get their hopes up about the job market, only to be faced with the prospect of layoffs and unemployment once again.

But as news of increased IT hiring, increases in IT pay and increased IT spending—have mounted, it seems IT professionals are finally confident in the economy and the job market, according to the latest IT Confidence Index from IT staffing firm Technisource. And hooray for that. Consider the following statistics:

Of the 246 IT professionals surveyed by Harris Interactive on behalf of Technisource…

  • 70 percent believe their jobs are stable.
  • 63 percent are “very confident” in the future of their current employer.
  • 42 percent believe they could find a new job if they looked.

How do your views match up? Take our poll.