by Constantine von Hoffman

Wireless Baby Pajamas Let You Know the Kid Needs a Change and Other Dumb Stories from the News

Dec 09, 20112 mins
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For parents who doubt their ears but believe their iPad. (This post also includes a round-up of IT security news from the week, don't tell anyone.)

Before we get to the round-up of this week’s IT security news…


Wireless biosensor baby pajamas let you know when infant needs a new diaper: “Exmobaby parents will be able to see icons representing their baby’s heartbeat, emotional state and activity level on their cell phones. This is especially important for first-time mothers re-entering the work force, parents concerned about the vigilance of their babysitter, and childcare centers juggling the needs of multiple children.”

Speaking as an expert on the Baby-Industrial Complex, I can say with complete assurance this is the dumbest internet product ever, this week. In case you didn’t know, babies come with an alarm system pre-installed.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog… already in progress…