by Constantine von Hoffman

Round Up of the Week’s Major (Sometimes Amusing) IT Security Stories 12/2

Dec 02, 20111 min
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U.S. judge thinks he has worldwide jurisdiction and orders hundreds of sites "de-indexed" by Google and others

Here’s what made the headlines this week:

SQL injection attack underway (Internet Storm Center)

Researchers identify serious capability leaks in many Android phones (Threat Post)

Anonymous says it will break into credit card accounts to donate money to charity (NetworkWorld)

Feds seize 150 websites in massive holiday sting: believed to be selling and/or distributing counterfeit merchandise (InfoSec Island)

RELATED: U.S. judge orders hundreds of sites accused by Chanel of selling counterfeit goods “de-indexed” by Google. Unknown: How many of these sites are in U.S. jurisdiction. Known: How little judge knows about the internet. (Ars Technica)

HP printers turn out to not be in danger from hack attacks (despite what was initially reported) (Naked Security)

UK intelligence agency GCHQ holds hacking competition to recruit code breakers – unfortunately the website it put up is very, very, very easily hacked. (Naked Security)

Two million requests from infected systems in week after ghost click takedown  (Threat Post)