by Al Sacco

Thank You, Mr. Jobs

Oct 06, 20111 min

Apple's Steve Jobs is gone. But his legacy won't soon be forgotten.'s Al Sacco says goodbye.

The first computer I ever purchased was a Macintosh–I saved my pennies for what seemed like an eternity, and when they finally amounted to enough to trade for an Apple computer, I rushed out to the store and got my first Mac. I immediately returned home, unpacked it and a Mac has been the centerpiece of my living room and/or office ever since.


This blog is centered on mobile technology and the impact it has on the enterprise. The game-changing effects of Apple, Mac OS X, iOS, the iPhone and iPad on business can’t be denied. And they’ve all served to make my job much more interesting, to say the least.

Roughly half of the posts published to this blog were composed, edited and pushed to the Web using a Mac. And the rest were written using computers and associated user interfaces that were largely influenced by Steve Jobs’s work.

In other words, Steve Jobs had a very significant impact on my life, personally and professionally.

For that, I thank you, Mr. Jobs. And I send my most sincere condolences to the Jobs family.

Rest in peace.