by Meridith Levinson

August Employment Figures Show Job Growth for IT Industry

Sep 02, 20111 min
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While overall job growth was flat in the U.S. in August, various sectors of the IT industry showed significant gains last month, according to employment figures the Labor Department released today. 

The IT professional services industry showed the biggest job growth of all IT-related sectors. Providers of computer systems design and “related services,” according to the Labor Department, added approximately 7,700 jobs in August. Management and technical consulting services grew by 6,000 jobs. Data processing and hosting companies added 100 jobs. 

Job growth in IT manufacturing was more modest than in professional services, but it still relatively strong compared to other industry sectors. Chip makers and manufacturers of electronic components added 2,400 jobs last month. The number of jobs with computer and peripheral equipment makers remained steady at 172,500 between July and August. Unfortunately, manufacturers of communication equipment shed 600 jobs in August.