by Kristin Burnham

Google+: I’m Just Not That Into You

Aug 04, 20113 mins
InternetSocial Networking Apps's Kristin Burnham has had enough with Google+. It's not that the new social network doesn't have potential…it's just not living up to her admittedly high expectations.

Dear Google+,

Where did we go wrong? I had such high expectations for you. You were hyped, praised and touted as the next best social network. So far, though, we’re just not connecting. You were supposed to be better than Facebook, cooler than Twitter, but right now we just don’t have enough in common for me to waste spend more time with you.

I’d love to say that the problem is me, not you. But I’d be wrong. You’ve disappointed me.

Franky, I find it difficult to fit you into my social-networking life. I use Facebook to communicate with my close friends, my family and my colleagues. And while it’s my social network of choice, my relationship with Facebook is admittedly complicated—the site has me so entwined in its web of photos and friendships and messages that I’m not sure I could ever leave it, even if I wanted to. Yes, I know our situation isn’t ideal—privacy and security and all—but I’ve learned how to cope with its downfalls.

And then there’s LinkedIn, where I keep all my professional contacts.

And Twitter for people I don’t know, but find interesting. And truly, I’m happy with this situation: 140-character updates from strangers are all I need.

So that leaves us. I keep asking myself, where do you fit in?

Lately, it seems like it’s only the techies and tech pundits who have an eye for you. I see them visit you every day. Every hour, it seems. They’re using you—in a good way, of course—but if those are your only fans, your only visitors, you’ve gone wrong somewhere. Maybe it’s not my business, but it may be time to reflect and reassess.

Okay, I admit it: I’m a bit infatuated with your circles. But that really doesn’t make up for the fact that my friends just don’t like you. Sure, a few handfuls of folks have joined…but that’s where it ends. Their profiles are empty, their activity streams barren. My friends, plain and simple, prefer Facebook. Like me, they’ve invested too much in that site to leave it now. And if I can’t have my friends by my side in our relationship, it’s a relationship that I don’t want.

I know it’s still early; you’ve only been around for a month. But if that time is any indication of things to come, I’m sorry, it just isn’t going to work out.

You have a lot of potential, Google+. And I’m sure you’ll find the perfect user(s) for you in the future.

Right now, though, I’m just not that into you.