by Shane O'Neill

Hands On Video: The Sony Vaio SB Laptop

Jul 01, 20112 mins
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The Sony Vaio SB white laptop is both light and durable, with amazing battery life. Its overall specs are on par with the MacBook Pro, but with a price tag that's a few hundred dollars less.

Like your laptops white, but can’t afford a MacBook? Have I got a deal for you.

The Sony Vaio SB, a 13-inch model designed primarily for small businesses and consumers, has a smooth aluminum design and comes in either black or white. It is still a fairly lightweight laptop at just over 4 pounds, but it is not in the ultra-thin category. It’s more a functional machine — with a CD/DVD player and burner and all the inputs you could ask for — that’s still light enough for easy portability to and from work or on the road.

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Some other stand-out features include: a backlit keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, Intel Core i5 processor, an SSD option port, and the ability to add more RAM (it comes with 4GB but can increase to 8GB). A big strength of the Sony Vaio SB is battery life. You will get seven hours out of the box, but a “sheet” battery can be purchased for around $150 that clips on to the bottom of the machine. The result? A remarkable 15 hours of battery life.

If you’re on the Windows-Mac fence, the Sony Vaio SB has similar specs to the MacBook Pro, but for roughly $300 less.

Take a closer look at the Sony Vaio SB in the video below.