by Todd R. Weiss

Welcome to my new blog, “Deciphering Enterprise Apps”

Jun 10, 20115 mins
Enterprise Applications

Join me here regularly to discuss the complex, exciting, flabbergasting and challenging world of enterprise applications.

This is Day One of my new blog here on, and as the newest reporter on the staff, I wanted to say hello and take a few minutes to introduce myself to you, our readers.

I’m Todd R. Weiss and I’ll be covering enterprise apps for, from ERP to CRM to BI and more. I’ll also be writing about cloud computing, virtualization, open source and Linux, and how enterprise applications create bridges to everything that businesses want to accomplish.

I’ve been a technology reporter since May of 2000 when I began writing for’s sister site, From late 2008 until last month, I was a freelance IT journalist, writing about enterprise technology for,, and many other Web sites.

The name “Deciphering Enterprise Apps” is a perfect choice for what I’d like to talk about here with you several times a week – the successes, the failures, the trials and the experiences you all have installing, configuring, running and maintaining the critical applications that run your enterprises.

IT isn’t easy. It’s full of “gotchas” and things that don’t work as designed or planned. What’s with that anyway?

Well, to me, after more than a decade of talking with enterprise users about their deployed hardware and software, I’ve come to the conclusion that those “gotchas” are key to the immense and eventual satisfaction that we get post-crisis, after our dedicated IT staffers and teams get to the root of the problem, solve it, and move on to the next big issue.

It’s like the feeling you get while you are having a fabulous chocolate dessert after a spectacular meal with your dearest friends while looking over the ocean on a gorgeous white sand beach. OK, well maybe it’s not exactly that amazing, but you get my drift, right?

Capturing those feelings is what I love to do in my technology writing. I’m excited about  technology because of what it can do for us and how it can enhance our lives. But at the same time, I’m not blind to the fact that technology can’t do everything for us as human beings.

It can, and does, however, truly have immediate, lasting and powerful effects on the complex and fast-moving world of business in our cities, our nation and around the globe. Through the smart and innovative use of powerful business applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and other key systems, enterprises today can work faster, more efficiently and more nimbly as they connect with suppliers, customers and consumers, anywhere and anytime.

Every day I will aim to capture stories about this phenomenon and write about them for you, the readers here at

I’d love you to be a part of this process. I invite you to come back to this blog regularly to read the stories about enterprise app users just like yourselves so you can find out what’s working and what’s not working for your colleagues and competitors. My IT journalism philosophy is simple – none of these problems or successes are isolated – many others are having similar experiences and it’s through the sharing we can do here that we can learn from each other and find ways to slay the dragons.

I’m here to serve you, the readers. At the same time, I invite and encourage you to tell me your real-world IT stories of success, failure, challenges, humor and surprise. I’d be honored to talk with you and share your personal stories about your enterprise apps with our community here on this blog.

I’d love to hear from you when you have great ideas for stories – is your ERP or CRM vendor letting you down and not helping with your problems? Is your cloud vendor and their 99.999% up-time guarantee not fulfilling the promises they made to you and leaving your enterprise in the lurch? Are the new application updates causing massive new problems and causing bottlenecks for users, customers and your hard-working IT staff? Tell me your stories and I’ll work to help you get to the bottom of it all.

I’m excited to be here at and I sincerely look forward to getting to know our readers and sharing insights and experiences with each of you.

Part of my responsibilities also includes my being a regular contributor and discussion leader on’s LinkedIn group, CIO Forum, where readers are welcome to join to share and discuss all kinds of issues that CIOs are dealing with daily. I hope to see you there, too.

A little about me – my work as a technology journalist began in 1996 while I was writing for a daily newspaper in Pennsylvania (I wrote for daily newspapers for 14 years before becoming an IT reporter). Back then I suggested the start-up of a dedicated technology section in my former paper every week, but the newspaper editor at the time told me that “no one cares about technology.”  Needless to say, that editor was wrong.

I’m an avid traveler, cook, motorcyclist, reader, movie buff – especially old Bogart films – and I collect miniature toy taxicabs and taxi business cards from around the world. I have two grown, spectacular children and I live just outside Lancaster, Pa. I also love to fix old cars, work on my motorcycle and build PCs, as well as play with new technology toys.

If I ever find the time, I’m allegedly writing a book on an unheralded member of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves baseball team.

Well, thanks for stopping by to meet me here today.

And with apologies to Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca,” I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.