OS X El Capitan: Use Split View window resizing

How to quickly put application windows side by side in OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan comes with some great new features, and one of the best is Split View. Split View lets you quickly put two apps side by side in a full-screen view. This makes it much easier to use both apps, and also makes it faster if you need to copy and paste text from one app to the other.

In this tip I'll show you how to use Split View window resizing in OS X El Capitan.

How to use Split View window resizing in OS X El Capitan

osx el capitan split view window resizing choose applications

Just click the green full-screen button on your first app, then click one of the thumbnails of your other apps to open both applications side by side via Split View. 

Using Split View window resizing in OS X El Capitan is quite easy, but there are two different ways you can do it.

Here's the first way to use Split View:

1. Click and hold the green fullscreen button in the upper left corner of an application window.

2. Release your trackpad or mouse button to put the window on the left side of your screen or drag it over to the right side if you prefer.

3. Click on one of the other app thumbnails that will appear on the opposite side of the screen to open it side by side with your first application.

The second way to use Split View involves Mission Control.

1. If you are already running an app full-screen, just open Mission Control.

osx el capitan mission control split view

Open Mission Control to drag an application to the desktop where you already have an app running full screen. The second app will open side by side on that desktop via Split View.

2. Drag the other app you want to the desktop of the first app at the top of the Mission Control screen and drop it.

3. Then click on the desktop at the top of the Mission Control screen that has both apps running on it.

And that's all you need to do to use Split View in OS X El Capitan.

You can get out of Split View by clicking on the green full-screen button of one of the apps that are running side by side on your desktop, or just hit the Escape button on your Mac's keyboard.

How to resize Split View apps running side by side

osx el capitan resize window split view

You can easily resize application windows in Split View by clicking the divider and moving it to your preferred position. 

Once you've got two applications running side by side via Split View, you may want to give one app more of your screen space. Here's how you can do that:

1. Just place the cursor in the middle of the two apps until you see the divider icon appear.

2. Click the divider and resize the window until it's the size you prefer.

Changing the space that each window uses on your desktop is very easy, and it might be a big help to you in terms of your productivity in OS X El Capitan. Some applications need less space while others definitely require more.

Split View in OS X El Capitan is a productivity enhancer

osx el capitan split view window resizing

Split View in OS X El Capitan makes it easy to run two applications side by side on your Mac's desktop. 

I've been using OS X El Capitan for a while now, and I absolutely love Split View. I do quite a lot of copying and pasting of links and text excerpts while blogging, and Split View has made it much faster and easier for me than manually resizing windows

It's especially helpful if you use multiple desktops and have different apps running on each desktop. The combination of Split View and Mission Control makes it simple to set up a workflow that works the best for you. You can easily hop across desktops to use the two apps that are running on each desktop.

Apple has done a great job with Split View in OS X El Capitan. It's a relatively simple feature but it adds a whole new wrinkle to using two applications side by side on your Mac.

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