by Al Sacco

Tech Experts’ Most Wanted Wearables

May 21, 20141 min
Consumer Electronics

Tech website published a list of the six most wanted wearable tech gadgets, based on responses from 44 "experts," including's Al Sacco.

A couple of weeks ago, wearable-tech focused website reached out and asked about the wearables that interest me most. I responded, and yesterday the site posted a roundup of responses from 44 “experts.” (Now, in general, I find it amusing and/or sad when people call themselves experts of anything, so let it be known, I’m not referring to myself as an expert.)

Tech expert favorite wearables


“We rounded up a staggering 44 of the top wearable tech experts and asked them the question: ‘If you could own only three pieces of current wearable tech, what would they be?'”

And here’s the breakdown of responses: Google Glass; Pebble Smartwatch; Oculus Rift; NFC ring; iWatch; and Misfit Shine.

All of my choices showed up in the list of most popular wearables. I picked Google Glass, Pebble Steel and the iWatch, which doesn’t even exist, of course. It seems like only a matter of time before Apple gets into the smartwatch space, and when (or if) it does, its offering will surely be noteworthy.

You can find more details on the individual responses on