by Al Sacco

Google Opens Public Glass Demo Centers in NY, LA and SF

May 15, 20141 min
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Anxious to get your hands on Glass, but don't want to pay $1,500? If you live in or around New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco, it's now as easy as making an appointment for a demo at a Google "Basecamp."

Earlier this week, Google released its $1500 Glass wearable computer to the public. This is the second time the company has sold Glass to the public, though the first time was a brief one-day sale last month. Google first began selling Glass in the summer of 2012 to a small group of “Explorers,” which was made up mostly of developers.

Google Glass Basecamp

Today, anybody with $1500 to spare can purchase Glass.

If you don’t have the extra scratch but live in or around New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco you can visit a Google Glass “Basecamp” in your city to check out Glass and get a demonstration from a Google representative. In the past, people with invites to the Explorer program could visit one of these location to pick up their new devices and get a hands-on setup demo. But today, it looks like anyone willing to schedule an appointment can get a Glass demo from Google.

The company is not taking walk-ins yet, so you need to make an appointment on the company’s website. As of this writing appointments are available at all of the Basecamp locations as early as next week.