by Al Sacco

Anatomy of an Android OS Update, from HTC

Apr 22, 2014 2 mins
Android Mobile Operating Systems

If you've ever wondered why it takes so long for device makers and wireless carriers to roll out Android software updates, HTC has an infographic you should see.

Yesterday, while doing some research for a post on what I like about HTC’s new One (M8) smartphone (and what I don’t) I came across an interesting page that features an infographic titled “The Anatomy of an Android OS Update.”

HTC Anatomy of an Android OS Update

I have no idea when this was originally posted, but this is the first I’ve seen of it. You can, and should, click the image above to see the full infographic, which provides some insight into why it takes so damn long for handset makers and carriers to push out Android OS software updates.

We Android users like to complain about not having the latest and greatest software builds as soon as they’re announced by Google — especially if we’re Nexus device owners.

Unfortunately, the delays are kind of just the nature of the Android beast, for now at least, and this infographic helps explain why. HTC recently committed to providing Android updates for many of its devices for a minimum of two years after they’re first released, as part of its HTC Advantage program.

If you really want Android updates ASAP, get yourself a Nexus device, a Google Play/developer edition of the HTC One or a developer edition Samsung Galaxy phone.