by Al Sacco

Leaked Images of Amazon’s ‘Fire Phone’

Apr 16, 20142 mins
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A couple of images of Amazon's first smartphone leaked yesterday, and reports suggest it could be officially announced in June.

Yesterday tech blog leaked a couple of images of what it claims is Amazon’s long-rumored “Kindle,” errr, “Fire,”—maybe “Kindle Fire”—smartphone.

Amazon Fire Kindle Smartphone

Whatever it’s called, the handset appears to be about to finally make its debut. (I’ve been writing about Amazon phone rumors for years.) A Wall Street Journal report from last week suggests that the Amazon smartphone will be announced in June.

The images clearly show a device wrapped in some sort of protective and/or disguising plastic case, so the final Amazon Phone will probably look quite different than what you see here. The pictures are notable because they seem to further substantiate the phone’s existence and imminent release.

Like Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, the smartphone is expected to run a customized version of Android. Amazon’s phone could prove to be a significant BYOD option, and it will very likely be packed with many of the same enterprise-oriented features found in the company’s tablets. (I recently detailed those enterprise features.)

Amazon Fire Smartphone Kindle Rear

Perhaps the most notable thing about the device in the leaked images is the presence of four front-facing cameras—in addition to one front camera for video chats—which, according to the BGR report, will be used to create some sort of unique, glasses-free 3D multimedia experience.