by Al Sacco

Would You Pay for a Custom BBM PIN? (Poll)

Mar 07, 20142 mins

BlackBerry appears to be considering a new feature that would let BBM users customize their unique PINs. But the company could charge a fee for the privilege.

Yesterday, BlackBerry sent me a BBM user survey seeking feedback on how I use the company’s BBM messaging app.

Most of the questions were fairly straightforward: What kind of device do you use for BBM? How often do you use it? How many contacts do you have? Do you use BBM for work, personal or both? Etc.

BBM Custom PIN survey

But one question caught my eye:

“If you were able to personalize your BBM PIN (e.g., 11112222, COOLDUDE, BB3RRY10), how interested would you be in customizing it?”

There were also a number of additional followup questions about how much I’d be willing to pay for the privilege.

BBM uses unique PINs to identify users. And BBM users can add contacts with their PINs, or codes based on those PINs. But the PINs are just a set of random numbers, and they’re difficult to remember. So sharing a PIN with a potential new contact can be a pain in the keyboard.

The ability to customize your BBM PIN would make it easier to share, and remember PINs, and many users would welcome the feature — myself included. But would you pay for it?

I definitely would not, and the fact that BlackBerry is even considering a fee for the feature seems crazy.

What say you, reader? Would you pay a one-time fee to customize your BBM PIN? How about a yearly fee?