by James A. Martin

New ‘Swizzle’ App for iOS Makes Your Mailbox More Manageable

Nov 20, 20132 mins
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The new Swizzle Inbox Organizer for iOS does exactly what it says: organizes your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and other Web-based email via bulk-unsubscribe features and digests. And it does it very well, according to blogger James A. Martin.

It’s not even Thanksgiving, and I’m already feeling grateful—to Keep Holdings, the developers of a new iOS email app called Swizzle Inbox Organizer.

The free app, released last week, is beautifully simple. Swizzle wants to make it extremely easy to unsubscribe from a bunch of pesky marketing messages all at once, or one at a time if you prefer. Also, the app lets you compile bulk email you would like to receive (such as offers from favorite retailers) into one daily email digest.

Swizzle iOS

(Screen shot by Keep Holdings)

The first time you use it Swizzle takes a few minutes to scan your email inbox, then presents you with a list of senders (a long list, in my case). As you scroll through, you can click a “+” icon to add email senders to your daily digest or tap the “-” icon, which tells Swizzle to unsubscribe you.

Swizzle’s preferences let you decide to receive the email digest daily or on a specific day of the week. You can also choose when to receive digests: morning, noon or evening. And it’s easy to add senders to your digest at any point or remove them.

Swizzle works with Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL,, and the various flavors of Microsoft Web mail. I’m a Gmail user, and Swizzle created a “Sizzle Sweeper” label for all the incoming messages it added to my daily email digest. If I decide to read a particular message, I can find it by clicking the Swizzle Sweeper Gmail link. You can also tap the peppermint swizzle icon in the app to see your daily digest.

On its FAQ page, the developer says the “communication between our servers and your email servers is encrypted to keep out prying eyes,” and that the company will “never, ever share” any information about you. Swizzle says its service is protected by Symantec SSL encryption.

The Swizzle iOS app, optimized for iPhone and iPod touch and portrait mode for iPads, is essentially an App Store version of its website. And as of this writing, there’s no Android version. Even so, after just a few days of use, Swizzle has earned permanent spots on my iPhone and iPad.