by Al Sacco

New Google Glass Design Features Detachable Earbud (Images)

Oct 30, 20132 mins
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Google yesterday released two images of the next iteration of its Glass wearable computer, which is prescription-lens friendly and features a mono earbud.

Yesterday Google posted two images of the next version of its Glass wearable computer, and, well, it looks a lot like the first version but features a mono earbud that can removed and replaced as the user sees fit.

Google Glass with earbud

The news is notable because while Glass is kind of leading the wearable tech movement, along with all those funky fitness watches and exercise trackers, it’s way too goofy looking for the average human to adopt without major ridicule.

From the new design, it’s clear that Google is still not too concerned with appearance, because Glass is still goofy as hell. Maybe I just haven’t studied Glass closely enough, but I don’t see many differences beyond the earbud, which replaces a speaker. (I do not own one of my own, and I’ve only spent limited with it at Google’s I/O conference last summer. But I do make Glass look better than most people.)

Google Glass with earbud

This new version of Glass is also reportedly prescription friendly. But where do you find an ophthalmologist who’ll make lense for that thing? Does Google take your Rx info? You can’t buy Glass yet even if you want, but Google is currently looking to triple the number of testers. If you have $1500 to burn, you might want to start cozying up to a current Glass tester.