A guide to the DEMO Traction 2015 winners in Boston

On September 16 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, the leaders from 30 enterprise startups all stood on stage in front of thousands of onlookers to tell their stories. James A. Martin gives us the highlights from the event.

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Greenhouse is a SaaS platform designed to help organizations “plan, execute, and optimize a better recruiting process end-to-end,” said Daniel Chait, CEO and co-founder.

There are about 250+ recruiting platforms on the market today, Chait said. Greenhouse is “elevating the class of problem we’re solving” by taking a different approach, he added.

At most companies, recruiting is regarded as a hassle, full of paperwork and bureaucracies, and is ultimately viewed as a distraction from the “real business at hand,” Chait explained. For Greenhouse, recruiting “is the real business at hand. If you want to be a great company, you have to be good at recruiting,” according to Chait. You must be smarter and more competitive, and you need tools and automation to help you get there.

The New York City-based Greenhouse, founded in 2012, built its SaaS recruiting platform to “help build better companies.” The strategy has enabled the startup to obtain 1,000 customers in under two years and to raise nearly $60 million from prominent venture capital firms such as Benchmark. And in an Aug. 23, 2015 article, The New York Times named Greenhouse as one of 50 companies that “may be the next start-up unicorns.”

Greenhouse tools enable organizations to create unique scorecards for each job, “so everyone is on the same page with exactly the decision you need to make,” said Chait. Other tools let you configure an interview plan; use an interview kit to give “clear guidance” to interviewers on questions to ask and areas on which to focus; configure a scorecard with which to rate all candidates, to help make “smart” hiring decisions; provide job candidates with an interview experience survey to get feedback; and use email templates to stay in touch with candidates.

The process of hiring -- from prospecting to the moment you hire -- is increasingly tech-driven, said Chait. But all the various steps, such as prospecting, assessments, background checks, interview scheduling, and so on, often had their own individual toolsets. Greenhouse launched “the first API platform to make all this work together.”

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